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Cultural Activities

Mary International Center

Mary leads us to Jesus. In Nazareth this holy land it all began, it is the city of the Annunciation and the home of the holy family. The “Mary of Nazareth" center is a unique place that helps people connect with Mary, the mother who leads us to Christ, and discover the deep beauty and truth of the Christian faith.
This is a journey of visiting for pilgrims, tourists and inhabitants of this Holy Land, where everyone can discover or rediscover the story of Mary of Nazareth. Audiovisual journey into different languages, and meeting rooms and places of prayer, cafeteria and shop. The place was opened in January 2012.
Info :
The Center is open everyday, except Sunday
Monday – Saturday: 9:30-12:00 AM and 2:30-5:00 PM
Private booking available at any time.
Tel: 04-6461266 mobile : 0524476083
Website :

Mahmoud Darwish Center

The Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Center located in Nazareth, it is a multi purpose center whose aim is to keep up with the heritage of Nazareth and Arab community.. Many culture and artistic events and activities and unique feature taking place in the center such as the Nazareth Festival of Contemporary Dance, theater plays, local films, concerts and much more.
Representative of the Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Center:

Orayb Zoabi

Website :

French Culture Center

Recognizes the center's administration months ago, a new director, is Clement Byosho, a young enthusiast, said he would continue the process of dissemination of French culture and to strengthen relations with the public in the country, through the French language education for anyone who wants, did not hide Byosho concern that some of the private schools in particular, embarked on French language education are optional, rather than the image mandatory that worked accordingly until recent years, the past, and explained that he has bought a program to teach the French language to the children of the sons of the early generation as well, noting that the center hosted since it opened in the seventies and still resides, to teach courses in the French language and the dissemination of French culture among the different people from all generations.
Ntiv for major tasks entrusted to it celebrates the center of many annual cultural events, in the forefront: Holiday Wine / Albjrlier, Alktefh first grapes, spring poetry, theater festival, silent and others of occasions, knowing that the other institutions take the initiative to set up some of them.

For More Info Call The Center:
04 - 6560954

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