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Holy Sites

The (Latin) Basilica of the Annunciation

The church was built over the cave where, according to Catholic belief, Mary lived and where she was visited by the angel Gabriel, who told of her conception by the Holy Spirit. The church has been destroyed many times throughout its history. The one standing today was built in 1969 upon the remains of the old churches, which have been incorporated into it.

It its lower level is the grotto with three cupolas and altars, reddish marble columns, mosaic and church remains from the Byzantine period. On the upper level is the larger church hall with its large mosaics which were gifted from Catholic communities around the world. The doors of the church are inlaid with bronze and copper and on top of them are sculptures of important figures from Christianity. The dome of the hall is made in the shape of the white lily flower, which is identified with Mary, and reaches almost 60 metres in height above the cave. The compound of the Basilica also includes Joseph's church, which was built over the house of Joseph the carpenter, Mary's husband.


Grotto: Openning: 05:45, Closing: 21:00.
Upper Basilica: Openning: 08:00, Closing: 18:00.
ST.Joseph's Church: Opening: 07:00, Closing: 18:00.

Holy Masses

Grotto: Daily: 06:30 (Italian), Sundays and festivilities: 05:45 ,17:00, 18:00 (Arabic).
Upper Basilica:Daily: -- , Sundays and festivilities: 10:00 (Arabic).
ST.Joseph's Church: Daily: 07:15 (Arabic), Sundays and festivilities: 08:30 (Arabic).

Prayer Times

Daily: Silent Prayer: 18:00-21:00.
Tuesdays: Nazareth's Rosary: 20:30-21:30.
Thursdays: Eucharistic: 20:30-21:30.
Saturdays: Candlelight Procession: 20:30-21:30.

Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

This church is known as Saint Gabriel's Church. In the crypt of the church flows Mary's Well, where on its edge, according to the belief of the Greek Orthodox, Mary was told of her impregnation by the Holy Spirit. This annunciation church is small but it is considered to be one of the more beautiful ones in Israel due to its many icons, beautiful murals and luxurious chandeliers. The existing building was built in the eighteenth century on top of ruins of a Byzantine church.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 07:00 to 10:00 and 12:00 to 18:00
Mensa Christi Church

This church is located on a side street near the souk, on the way to the Salesian Church. Built in 1860, Mensa Christi Church contains a slab of rock that the Franciscans claim was the table at which the risen Christ ate with his disciples. Worth noting are the graffiti of numerous pilgrims form over the centuries. The front door neighbors have the church keys.

Visiting hours: Ask the neighbors for the keys
The White Mosque

Located in the center of the Old Market, the White Mosque is the oldest Mosque in Nazareth. Its exquisite pencil shaped minaret, cream-coloured walls, green trim, and white dome are an prime example of the Ottoman architecture that is common throughout the city.

The construction of the mosque was ordered by the Egyptian ruler Suleiman Pasha in the eighteenth century, and was overseen by the high commissioner of Nazareth, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Fahoum. The first part of the Mosque was built in 1785 but it was not completed until sometime between 1804 and 1808. Sheikh Abdullah was granted trusteeship over the mosque in the form of a waqf, and he administered it until the time of his death in 1815. Out of respect, Abdullah Al-Fahoum was buried in the west side of the Mosque. The tomb of Sheikh Abdullah is in the mosuqe's inner court, and several parts were added through the time until 2008 the big hall was built.

Historically, the White Mosque has played an important role in the life of the Nazarene community and beyond. It houses the courthouse for family and personal affairs for the people – both Muslims and Christians - of Nazareth and the suburbs; it even serves Jews from Safad and Tiberias.

Visiting hours: All daylight hours with pre-arrangement

The Mount of Precipice

No visitor to Nazareth should miss the breath-taking panorama from the city's highest point, about 2 km to the southeast of the city. The Mount of Precipice, also known as the Mount of the Leap of the Lord and Jabal Kufsi in Arabic, is traditionally the place in the bible where the people of Nazareth took Jesus to hurl him into the abyss below. The Mount has been developed into a tourist area, with a viewing platform which overlooks the whole of the Jezreel Valley, from Jordan and the Gilad Mountains in the east, past Mount Tabor (the site of Jesus" transfiguration) to Mount Carmel, Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The area also includes the Cave of the Leap (Kufze cave), an archaeological site of worldwide importance discovered in the 1970s. Thirteen human skeletons and over 60,000 artifacts dating back 50,000 years to the Late and Middle Stone Ages, were unearthed here.
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