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Political tour of Nazareth

Join award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook,
author of “Disappearing Palestine”,
on a tour to discover the answers to …

  • Who are the Palestinian citizens of Israel?
  • Do they face discrimination in a Jewish state?
  • Who or what are the “present absentees”?
  • How did Nazareth become a Muslim-majority city?
  • Why do so few tourists stay in Nazareth?
  • What is Upper Nazareth, and why did its mayor call Nazareth a “nest of terror”?

Duration: appr. 3.5 hours
Price: 120 NIS
Please ask at simsim reception for more details.

Additional afternoon driving tour to a Palestinian village destroyed in 1948, depending on demand.
Price: 150 NIS.

Places must be reserved.
Contact Jonathan on 054 637 5592

Private tours available on other days by arrangement.

Tour references and further information on


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